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Make-Shift Mini Tree

So, I was feeling a little glum and un-christmasy about our lack of decorations in the apartment (not to mention the fact that we couldn't get a tree on account of us going out of town for the holidays). So I made a tiny one out of paper! I can't deny the joy I get out of being greeted by a little tree every time I return home :)

Craftacular Weeks Ahead!

So this year, I have given myself the challenge of creating all my gifts from scratch. That's right, all handmade! I'm now realizing this was perhaps an overly ambitious goal considering the fact that I have completed 2.5 (out of 7) and need to get everything done before I head to my parents house in Tucson this Wednesday. So yeah, less than two days to make 4.5 more things. My head might explode.

But... this means that I'll be putting up all my projects (pictures and how-to's) in the weeks following Christmas. Hooray! Sewing, printing, stamping, jewelry-making, etc. Stay tuned!