A Song-Poem: Sour

Technically this is older than the last song-poem I posted, but whatevs...


Fun with Layouts

The people at Groupon have such fun...

...I mean c'mon, there is NO way the creation of that ghoulish face is unintentional.


Envious of Cold

It being October and living in Houston, I find myself increasingly nostalgic for cold weather. Changing leaves, the scents of cinnamon and wood-smoke, the brisk morning air that requires a sweater or light-weight scarf. I think I actually got a little teary-eyed while staring at the L.L. Bean homepage today. I mean, c'mon. This screams "Autumn":

...Look at those guys with their bikes, in their sweaters, feeling crisp and cozy. They probably just had pumpkin spice lattes, too. Sigh.