A Song-Poem: Bumblebee

Another silly little experiment...


A Song-Poem: Love, Apology

Every now and then,  I find myself spending a lot of time concocting little song-poems. I don't really know what to call them -- they're not fully developed enough for me to call them "songs" since they're usually just a repeating theme with lots of harmonizing (my favoritest thing ever.) And they're short, as far as songs go. But anyway, I've always always always kept them to myself, from fear of ridicule. Believe me, I know they're not perfect -- I mean, c'mon, I recorded most of them with my laptop's crappy microphone from the comfort of my echo-y kitchen. And they're all spur-of-the-moment things, a theme I get stuck in my head that I have to do something with.

But anyway, here's the latest one... (cringe!!!)