Bookboard Earrings & Pendants

So, I've been working on this new idea for fuzzy grapefruit, and I'm soooo excited to show them at the Two Craft Minimum Show this Saturday. Presenting... Bookboard Earrings & Pendants! Each one is lovingly hand-drawn with archival ink onto recycled bookboard (the material used to make hard cover books), and sealed to a high gloss. No two are exactly the same (it's like wearing a one-of-a-kind illustration on your ears or around your neck)! This set is all packaged and ready to go to a loving home. Come to the show this Saturday to check them out :)


Random Review: The Vicious Kind

I had every intention of watching this movie while I distractedly carved stamps and made notecards. One of the major reasons I chose it was because Netflix categorized it as a "comedy" and I figured it would be much easier to multi-task with something not-too-serious being played in the background. Let me state right here and now: this film is most certainly NOT a comedy! As with most indie flicks, there are inevitably moments of real-life awkwardness that might cause you to smile nervously, but make no mistake about it – The Vicious Kind leans much much closer to the drama end of the genre spectrum.

The Vicious Kind begins with Caleb Sinclaire (played by Adam Scott), quietly distraught in the booth of a diner, while he waits for his younger brother Peter (Alex Frost) to return to the table. From the get-go, it's obvious that our main character (or who we assume to be our main character) is a guy with some issues. At first, I find it difficult to care about someone who is... well, kind of an asshole. But the story unfolds, and we find that Caleb is more complicated and vulnerable than previously thought. Caleb has grudgingly agreed to drive Peter and Peter's new girlfriend, Emma (Brittany Snow), to Caleb and Peter's home for Thanksgiving. Despite the fact that Caleb feels the need to protect his brother from so-called "whores" (a term he applies to all women) and dissuade him from dating Emma, he finds himself becoming increasingly infatuated with her.

The Vicious Kind has no easy answers. The characters are all complex and deeply flawed, and I found myself questioning whether feeling sympathy for them was the "right" thing to do. Adam Scott does an amazing job of being misanthropic while still being totally defenseless, and Brittany Snow (though I only knew her as Gossip Girl's very blonde Lily Rhodes) turns out to be no slouch either – that girl can cry like a pro! The acting alone is reason enough to watch The Vicious Kind. Bonus points for featuring J.K. Simmons as the slightly dysfunctional yet likable dad.

*Warning: Don't watch this film with your parents – The sex-scenes will just make you feel weird. (Don't say I didn't warn you).


Two-Craft Minimum: Awesome Artists

Chicago Style Crafters' very first show, "Two Craft Minimum" is just around the corner (May 1st)! We in the CSC have been working hard to promote and talk up the event, and I've been busy making notecards and sketchbooks, but I wanted to take a couple of minutes to promote some of the beautiful work of my fellow crafters and artisans. Here's a sneak peek at some of the fantastic goods you'll find at the Two-Craft Minimum show:

Melissa & Zoe's one-of-a-kind notebook keychains are totally romantic

I'm in love with this beautiful print by Madame Platypus

This 2-sided starfish pendant necklace by Something Beautiful is awesome (and reversible!!)

Nothing says "badass" like Spinal Fusion's rifle shell earrings

Milton and Margie's soy candles are perfect for adding a little warmth to your home

Swallow Kisses tattoo-inspired jewelry is both adorable and edgy, love them!

Cranky Pickle's bottlecap magnets and buttons are super-cute and earth-friendly

To see all of these awesome artists (and more) come check out the show:
Chicago Style Crafters Present: Two-Craft Minimum!
Saturday May 1st, 4:30 pm - 9 pm
Cole's Bar, 2338 N. Milwaukee Ave., Chicago
*bring a valid ID (we're in a bar)!