CHA Winter Convention & Trade Show

I just recently went to Anaheim, California to attend the CHA (Craft and Hobby Association) Winter Convention & Trade Show. Ahh, how I love winter conventions in warm climates. I was there, working with Paper House Productions, a scrapbooking company located in Upstate New York, to assist with their "Make & Takes". "Make & Takes" are fun mini-projects that you show attendees how to make at your company booth to learn more about your line of products. This year, we made Wizard of Oz home decor projects and boy, did people go crazy for them! Day 1 was Glinda the Good Witch (which was so popular, we ran out of them), day 2 was the Wicked Witch of the West (which we ran out of by 2 o'clock), and day 3 was Dorothy Gale (which we also ran out of by about 2 o'clock). So all in all, I think they were a big success. And although I don't consider myself much of a scrapbooker, I am totally inspired by all the great projects and products I saw. Hopefully in the near future, you'll be seeing some uploads of three-dimensional paper illustrations (something I've been dying to try my hand at, and now feel confident to attempt). Happy crafting, everyone!


Helping Haiti

Earlier today I stumbled onto Craft Hope, a fantastic site devoted to spreading hope and awareness through crafting. In response to the tragedy in Haiti, they've started an Etsy shop called Craft Hope for Haiti and you've GOT to check it out. All proceeds go to Doctors Without Borders, the shop has been open since January 14th (that's less than two weeks), and they've sold 1,532 items! That's over $27,000 in two weeks! I'm so in awe of what they're doing. So be sure to check out the shop (hint hint: there are some great items on there that would be really nice gifts for Valentine's Day).


Temple: A Strategy Board Game

A few months ago, my friend Joe asked me if I was interested in designing the graphics for a board game he had created. A board game!? Me!?? Design!??? Heck, yes! So anyway, I think the design turned out really well, the game itself is fun to play (thanks to the genius of Joe), and well, I'm pretty excited about it. For more info about the creation of the game, the concept behind it, and how you can order your very own copy, check out the official company site, Gameful Enjoyment or the Game Crafter!

Obsessed With: Treehouse Point

...Tell me this image doesn't make you swoon. I stumbled onto Treehouse Point (located twenty two miles outside of Seattle, Washington) through one of my favorite blogs, "A Cup of Jo" and now I am totally obsessed. The idea of living in trees has always been really appealing to me. In middle school, I got to move into my older sister's room when she went off to college. The room was at the end of the house on the top floor, and next to the bed were windows that looked out onto our backyard. The trees that had been growing there were quite old, their statuesque figures branching close to the house. In the summer, I would stay up late at night and open the windows, imagining I was living in some sort of treehouse bungalow.

It reminds me of the "Tree World" in Myst or Endor. Totally crunchy and totally romantic :)

[Photo: jasfitz]


Obsessed With: Winter Ice Lanterns

...I'm totally obsessed with this fantastic idea from the DIY section of Design*Sponge. Now, if only I was classy enough to have dinner parties and my own outdoor patio...

[Photo: Studio Dreyer Hensley]

Crafting Eden, Here I Come!

This weekend, I'm heading to the CHA (Craft & Hobby Association) Winter Convention & Trade Show, and I'm super excited. It's the world's largest professional craft and hobby show, will feature over 600 exhibitors, and did I mention it's in Southern California!? Take that, Chicago! Just to get an idea of how much awesome arts and crafts supplies I'll be able to oogle (yes, I said 'oogle'), check out the exhibitor directory. That's a LOT of stuff. Thank goodness I don't have the right kind of licenses to purchase anything.

Anyway, should be a fun time. I'll be sure to come back with a head full of ideas and craft-gadget-envy (and photos, of course).


A New Notecard Design: Stones

Hi all. For some reason, I've really been into this new style of drawing which requires the utmost patience: pointillism. It doesn't exactly fit into the standard stamped aesthetic of fuzzy grapefruit but hey, change is good, right? Anyway, here's the newest notecard. Let me know what you think:


Drill Press Gives Birth to Planetary Necklace

So I've (finally) set up the drill press! Despite a very poorly written instruction manual (translated from Chinese, I imagine), and a sincere fear of losing one's digits, here is the result:

(a recycled beer bottle never looked so good)

Here's the link to the actual listing: Jupiter Necklace


Craftacular Project: Super Easy Lamp

So to start things out, I thought I'd share this super duper easy lamp project. And while it's more of an idea for personalizing something already-made rather than a full-blown craft project, it's a nice (and cheap) way to make something cool a little bit cooler.

What you'll need:
- inexpensive paper floor lamp (I bought mine a couple of months ago at ikea for $7.99!) you could also just buy the lampshade if you already have an old lamp sitting around
- sharpie marker in desired color (I always think the simplicity of black makes the design pop)
- scrap of cardboard (to stop the ink from bleeding through both sides of the paper)

What to do:
- place the cardboard piece behind the side that you're drawing on
- start drawing! the shade that I used came folded up (which was convenient for drawing on), but if yours is already open, I find it's easiest to hold the shade and cardboard piece in one arm (like you're wearing the shade as a sleeve) and draw LIGHTLY with the other arm (the paper they use for these is usually really fragile, so be gentle) also, the sharpie does bleed a bit (I kind of dig the soft lines, but if it bothers you, feel free to use a nicer bleed-proof marker such as Prismacolor or Chartpak
- assess your fine drawing skills (or in my case, patience for simple shapes), and flip over to do the other side (just FYI, I only did two sides but by all means be ambitious and cover as much of the shade as you like)
- and fin! (with the lights off, ooooooh)