For the Love of Old-School Printing

A curious thing happened today. I fell in love... with screen printing.
About a month ago, I signed up for a screen printing class at the art center across the street from our apartment building. I wasn't really sure what I was getting myself into, but I figured it would be a learning experience, a new skill I could put on my resume, and perhaps I would even enjoy myself. After the first class, I was pretty discouraged. None of my prints turned out, the ink was drying too fast, my fingers ached from gripping the squeegee too anxiously, I felt constantly in everyone's way - I had no idea screen printing could be so frustrating! The next couple of classes weren't much better, but I stuck with it in the hopes that I would eventually improve. And today, I made the decision to head over to the studio, my inks in hand, WITH NO SUPERVISION. What if something should go wrong? Would I know how to fix it? Would I be able to locate supplies on my own? Would I be crippled by anxiety and have to rush home? (deep breath)
But being there all by myself, I experienced something extraordinary: the incredibly seductive screen printing tango. I took my time setting up my work area, making sure everything was in its place, mixing my inks calmly, taping down my hinge board, stacking my paper in a delightful little pile. And everything went smoothly. Not just smoothly, but perfectly. There was no one to get in my way as I floated my freshly pulled prints over to the drying rack, no one to critique the angle of the squeegee, no voices to interrupt the sweet song of the taut screen, shrieking in ecstasy under the pressure of my hands. Print after print after print, I experienced pure joy. Screen printing and I will be kept apart no longer. Now, I just have to find a way to tell my boyfriend.


Being a Better Me

I'm in a weird place in my life... Being unemployed and lacking in the sorts of friendships I feel I once had has caused me to have a lot of alone time on a daily basis. This, of course, means excessive pondering on various subjects. Inevitably, my mind flutters around ideas of self-improvement. But instead of letting this make me feel flawed and incapable, I'm trying to use this time as an opportunity to reorganize my goals and priorities. Although I never quite feel like I've accomplished everything on the list, it's at the very least, a place to start.

• embrace creativity as a way of life
• complete at least 1 creative project every week
• embrace movement and energy through physical activity
• improve photography skills 
• maintain (and update) personal website every week
• drink at least 7 glasses of water every day
• stretch every morning
• prepare dinner at least 2 nights a week
• try new recipes
• travel every 6 months
• volunteer
• work out at least 4 days a week
• be more actively involved in the craft scene
• be more actively involved in the design scene
• take new art classes/learn new skills
• socialize